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Colorado Bat Removal Services

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General Information:There are some eighteen known species of bats in Colorado. Bats are very important to the ecosystems in fact some bat experts believe entire ecosystems might collapse if bats were to go extinct.

When bats migrate, they can climb to more than 10,000 feet to cruise.Bats can hibernate at will and if there is a food shortage due to weather changes, bats can shut down their metabolism and sleep until better times.

Public Health Hazards: Rabies and Histoplasmosis are concerns for people that come into contact with bats. Mac's Wildlife Service will not use scare tactics but we will provide you with facts. Hover your mouse over the disease name below for information related to each category.



Bat Bugs

Toxicants: There are no registered Toxicants for the control of bats, nor should there be.

If living in a structure?: We will come to your house and exclude the bats with proper devices and repair entry points so they cannot fly back in. We will also remove all guano and deodorize all odors.

Worried about baby bats?: Don't worry! We take the time to learn when to exclude bats so you do not have them trapped inside your house.This is a must for you and it's great for bat populations.

A Lone Bat In Your House?: No problem.. Many times a bat will enter through an open window or door. Leave those open and let the bat use it's echolocation "seeing with sound" to find it's way out. If you wish you may contact us to remove it safely for you. This is what we are here for.


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