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If you have a problems with coyote or you are a rancher needing the pack thinned before calving give us a call.

General Information: When Lewis and Clark traveled through the Rocky Mountain wilderness 200 years ago they made references in their journal to the foxes and wolves,but seldom mentioned Coyotes. With that said it is easy to see how they have adapted with changes to the forest and the wolf somewhat irradicated . Coyotes live in urban areas also like Denver or Chicago and just love to snack on house cats. Coyotes weigh between 18 and 44 pounds and have a gray, reddish gray color. They resemble a medium sized dog.

The Coyotes litter can consist between 3 to 10 pups(usually 5 to 7) and are born blind between March and late May. Den sites are found in slopes, hollow logs and old badger holes and can go ten foot deep.

Coyotes eat anything of nutritional value!








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