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Colorado Raccoon Removal Services

We offer expert raccoon removal services!

General Information: Raccoons are the size of a small dog and have heavy fur streaked in brown, black, and gray. They have bushy ringed tails and their paws make hand-like prints in the mud or snow. They have adopted very well to urban areas. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal but it's possible to see them during the day.Raccoons are omnivores and eat just about anything and sometimes times finding themselves stuck in trash dumpsters. Raccoons are known to carry rabies, canine distemper and round worm. Never approach a raccoon.

Nuisance Information: By far one of the most damaging animals to homeowner is the raccoon. Raccoons are excellent climbers and have very powerful muscles and strong teeth for tearing into structures. Raccoons are noisy and destructive once inside. If you find yourself needing help with raccoons you have come to the right place.We will trap with cages or evict the raccoons to solve your problem and fix the damage to keep them out. Guaranteed!


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