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General Information: Swallows often live in close proximity to people. While enjoyable to watch, cliff swallows nesting in colonies on buildings and other structures can become a nuisance. Their droppings can foul machinery, create aesthetic problems, and cause potential health hazards by contaminating foodstuffs. Their mud nests eventually fall to the ground and can cause similar problems. In addition, swallow nests frequently contain mites and insects such as swallow bugs; swallow bugs are related to bed bugs and will bite humans, although humans are not their usual host.

Damage Control: We will exclude swallows from nesting on your house before the birds arrive in the spring or after they leave for the winter. If it is necessary to remove nests and birds after the nest is built a federal permit will have to be obtained. We will also use products that will match the decor of your home and guarantee our work. If you find yourself needing our service please contact us.




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