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Mac's Wildlife Control Services Testimonials

Mac you are a real pro, 100 % catch on the first time out. – T. Yoder


Mac, Thank you for your help, I appreciate your willingness to come to Leadville, your recommendations are a welcome as we need to resolve the problem.  –T. Underwood


Wow Mac, imagine my surprise to find that I had more than one Raccoon.  I never would have known if you hadn’t caught them both last night.  –D. Levine.


Mac, I appreciate all the information you gave me over the phone and the time you put in helping us get rid of those squirrels.  Your persistence paid off.  I feel much better having the holes sealed knowing that you have removed them all.  –H. Kelly


Mac, I should have called you first.  Many frustrating hours later I made a bigger mess, thank you for fixing my problems.  My trees are safe again.  –B. Baker


Thank you so much for coming a removing those bats that were hanging out in the building.  My staff feels much safer now.  –T. Howard


Mac you have saved the day.  We can open our doors again.  Very impressive the way you walked in and removed that raccoon on the spot, we were expecting a big deal and worried about the commotion it would cause with our customers.  Many did not even know we had a problem.  I appreciate your prompt resolution.  –J. Arnold

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