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General Information: Eight species of voles are found in Colorado. They often are called meadow, field or pine mice.Voles are active day and night throughout the year and do not hibernate. They usually live between 2 and 16 months.Voles have three to six young per litter and three to 12 litters per year. Their gestation period ranges from 20 to 23 days and they breed almost year around, although most reproduction occurs in spring, summer and fall. Females may become pregnant at 3 weeks of age.Voles will make tunnels through your lawn and cause erosion around river barriers or home foundations.You may also find trees girdled where the vole is present.

Control: A combination of habitat control and trapping is the solution we provide. On large farms where the damage covers many acres other alternatives should be used. Just beware that poisons alone do not work.




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